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Reviews From Readers

What are readers saying about K.M. Weiland's books?

"K.M. Weiland writes without holding back. She pours an onslaught of visual and emotional power into each scene with a style that slams you between the eyes, knocking you into worlds as dangerous as they are beautiful."
—Naomi D. Musch

"I consider literary-induced insomnia, inspiring writing, and mild fictional character obsession the marks of a great story. K.M. Weiland’s thrilling historical fiction novel, Behold the Dawn, provides all of the above."
—Kerry Johnson
"…absolutely haunting in its realism and stunning in poetic beauty. Read it, love it, ache with it."
—Sam Jenne
"Ms. Weiland presents a wonderful roadmap for writing while still encouraging you to take those sidetrips that will make your story better. I feel like I can walk the ‘high wire’ of my imagination because I have the safety net of my outline below it all."
—D. Hargan


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