6 Things I’m Reading, Using, Eating This Week

What has my attention this week?

6 Things I'm Reading, Using, Eating This Week

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Reading: Scrivener Superpowers by M.G. Herron

I’ve been using the specialized word-processor Scrivener for a few years now and have pretty much become a ravingly maniacal fan. It’s got a bit of a learning curve, but I got my Scrivener diploma thanks to Joseph Michael’s awesome Learn Scrivener Fast course. Still, I’m always looking for new tips and tricks to make my writing experience with Scrivener even more useful. M.G. Herron’s new book is a great primer for those starting out with Scrivener. I picked up a few new tips, primarily about the capabilities of meta-data, which I know I’m under-using.

6 Things I'm Reading, Using, Eating This Week

Watching: Castle, Season 7

I watch this because — Nathan Fillion. Right? Also he’s a writer. Also I totally dug Kate Beckett as a no-nonsense INTJ detective — at least in the early seasons. I feel like the show has kind of overstayed its welcome in the last few seasons, as most shows inevitably do (except Firefly, of course). But I still hang in there because Castle remains adorable, and Jon Huerta’s Esposito is possibly one of the most underrated hilarious characters on television.


Listening: Oceanborn by Nightwish

I think of Nightwish as being two distinct bands: with lead singer Tarja Turunen and without. In the with-Tarja years, they’re my all-time favorite band. The first time I heard “Ghost Love Score” it was like hearing the kind of music I’d been waiting for all my life without even knowing it. It was the music of stories (and, indeed, Nightwish is pretty much the soundtrack for my portal fantasy Dreamlander). This early album isn’t my favorite of the favorites, but it’s still good, with haunting songs such as “Sleeping Sun” and “The Riddler.”


Eating: Hawaiian Host Milk Chocolate AlohaMacs

This is still out of my Christmas stash, a gift from someone who knows what I like! The joke around here is that when my mom and I went to Hawaii a few years ago, we “brought” these “home” as gifts, since these yummy little chocolate-covered macadamia-nut clusters are all over the place there. Except we cheated and actually bought them here at the local Menards before we even left home. Because, you know, why not?


Using: Due North Ice Traction

These things are lifesavers. Literally. Every winter, the road inevitably turns into a sheet of ice — thanks to early snowstorms and then an indecisive weatherman, who can’t decide if he wants everything to melt or freeze. Especially back when my black Labrador was alive, walking a big, energetic dog on ice got tricky. But these slip-on cleats make an amazing amount of difference. In fact, the biggest problem with them might be they make me over-confident!


Cute Animal I Want This Week

This one deserves a word of explanation. It’s a Japanese raccoon dog. Who knew? Someone on Facebook pointed them out to me. Insta-love.

Let’s chat! How do you deal with the ice in wintertime? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Ain’t no ice nor wintertime here in Rabat. You can go out and start sweating!
    This week I read the script of the pilot of Ozark, an upcoming TV show. The writer is very skilled in planning the story ahead (a question from a character is left unanswered, then mentioned again later and gets a great answer), the suspense is incredible and there are some juicy lines. Probably the next big hit in the TV scene.
    Also reading Story Engineering by Larry Brooks, and boy oh boy finally I get a solid definition of “three-dimensional” character. A bit embarrassed at the thought that I’ve used this term many times before without really understanding it. Now that’s a book on writing I definitely recommend.

  2. Ugh, we’ve had more ice than snow this winter (or at least it FEELS that way.) I don’t have any nifty things for my boots, so I just try to be really careful (especially since I’m a klutz.) I don’t go out if I can help it, which doesn’t help the fact I sit on my derrierre all day schooling my oldest and writing my adventures. :p

    As for chocolate covered nuts, I picked up a bag of dark chocolate covered almonds at ALDI the other day. If I’m hungry but don’t really want to eat a full-blown snack, just 3 or 4 of those take the edge off. I think I’m going to have to buy more soon. Especially since I think the almonds are helping to curb my hunger and I don’t like plain nuts. (And dark chocolate is good for you, too!)

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      Nebraska got comparatively little snow this year, but it stayed on the ground forever, so it seemed like more. Most of it has finally melted this week. I see spring on the horizon. Yay!

  3. I use ice grips like you do when it’s icy here.

  4. This year and last year it only snowed one day in NM. But did it EVER! We got like 2 feet in that one day, both years. So ice isn’t too big of an issue since it melts so quickly. Those snow-cleat things look like a terrific idea. Props to whoever invented those. As for those Raccoon dogs, I’ve never seen such a species. It’s always so sad to me that people kill these rare animals just for their furs 🙁

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      Now, see, I’m always threatening to move to Arizona in the winter, but if I did, I’d be sure to get there, and have two feet of snow dumped on my head. :p

  5. Hola,

    1. I’m lacking in the Scrivener department. Need to sit down and learn the software. Would you recommend that book?
    2. Never hear of Castle sounds good though.
    3. Never heard of Oceanborn.
    4. The chocolate sounds delightful!
    5. Nice traction shoes.
    6. Interesting raccoon dog. Too bad they’re being hunted for fur.

    “How do you deal with the ice in wintertime?”

    Argh! Ice, my nemesis. I used to not even think much about ice until I started having accidents. Things like slipping off of curbs and landing flat on my back. Doing 180 degree turns on the road and looking at the car behind me on a two lane road. Sliding and bouncing my car off of curbs. Yeah, I’ve learned to respect the ice. Love the snow but ice and I don’t get along. I try to avoid it whenever possible if driving. If your’re walking on ice don’t make any sudden movements, or take long steps. Shuffle your feet if you have to. When you put all of your weight on one leg for longer periods you’re more likely to slip. Keep your feet closer to the ground by decreasing your foot clearance and step length. I’ve heard of too many accidents on the ice and had to treat them afterwards. Usually hips, ankles or wrists take the brunt of the fall.

  6. Finally accepted we are not getting enough snow to x-country ski properly this year :(, so bought heavy duty ice grippers – crampons really. These things have vicious spikes on the bottom, with security straps to keep them snug on boots! Perfect for the snow that gets rained on then freezes… or when my long driveway turns into a skating rink 🙂

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      Sorry you didn’t get enough snow! I, for one, have to admit I’m kind of glad to see it go. 😉

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