6 Things I’m Eating, Using, Believing This Week

What has my attention this week?

6 Things I'm Eating, Using, Believing This Week

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Reading: The November 2015 Writer Magazine

I hate reading on the Internet (which is kinda ironic, right?), so I rely on good old hardcopy media to keep me up to date on the writing industry and give me monthly boosts of inspiration for my own writing. I subscribe to Writer’s Digest and The Writer. I think of Writer’s Digest as kinda the hip, colorful, energetic mag, while The Writer is a bit more serious, more literary, and a little edgier. I love the interviews best, since I’m always crazy to know what goes on under the hood of other writers’ processes. But I also have a huge soft spot for the “stuff for writers” section in the front.

The Writer November 2015 Magazine

Watching: The Scorch Trials directed by Wes Ball

Since Fantastic Four ended up being such a stinky bomb that I didn’t even bother going to see it, this sequel to The Maze Runner was my end-of-summer theater culmination. I wasn’t nuts about the first movie (didn’t read the books) and went into this one with basically zero expectations. But I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it. The beginning, especially, is deliciously tense, and although the middle grows repetitious fast (in more ways than one: zombies!), it offers some really nice (if really brief) scenarios and character tidbits. I had fun, and that’s all that really matters.

6 Things I'm Eating, Using, Believing This Week

Listening: Lungs by Florence + The Machine

I actually have no idea what Florence + The Machine even are. Indie electronic pop? I adored her song “Breath of Life” under the credits in Snow White & The Huntsman–haunting, ethereal, epic. So I grabbed this album when it was on a sale awhile back. It’s nowhere as epic as “Breath of Life,” but it’s got some consistently good stuff, all carried by Florence’s powerful Adele-like vocals.


Eating: Tortilla-Land Uncooked Flour Tortillas

Mexican food is da bomb, but it’s hard to find healthy tortillas. These beauties not only skip most of the nasty preservatives, et al., they’re also so singularly delicious I could totally eat the whole package plain. The hitch is that you have to cook them up yourself in a skillet–but if we’re being honest, that is, of course, why they’re so good in the first place.


Using: J.R. Watkins Body Scrub

I’m excessively picky about products I rub into my skin. (If it’s not healthy enough to eat, why would I let it absorb straight into my blood stream?) But this sugar scrub is awesome: nothing but shea butter, sugar, and a few other natural ingredients. The grapefruit version smells so awesome, it’s a challenge not to eat it.


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6 Things I'm Eating, Using, Believing This Week

Cute Animal I Want This Week

6 Things I'm Eating, Using, Believing This Week

Photo Credit: Schuster

Let’s chat! What’s the cutest thing you’ve seen this week–animal or otherwise? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. Enjoyed a superb spaghettini with baby shrimp, calamari, sippy sauce, birthday dinner. Played “let’s make up our own song” with 3 yr old,, one huge cherry dipped in dark chocolate, carried “baby doll into hotel, was reminded to take “medsin” by 2 yr old. What a bunch I hang out with!

  2. Our cats just adore my younger brother, who is this rough, tough, mountain man in the making 16-year-old. We gather in the living room for Bible reading each night and often times you can find Fat Louie all snuggled up underneath Ethan’s arm, sound asleep. It’s quite precious.

  3. It’s not jst me then who prefers a book and does not like reading from a computer….The downside side is it’s difficult for me to obtain here either way above the quoted cost or thy don’t get deliverered..there is a black hole somewhere with all my post… 🙁

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      I don’t mind reading on a device, however, for some reason. So if I find a web article I particularly want to read, I’ll send it to my iPad and read it there during my reading time.

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