6 Things I’m Reading, Watching, Eating This Week

What has my attention this week?

6 Things I'm Reading, Watching, Eating This Week

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Book: The Truelove by Patrick O’Brian

My absolute, no-question, 100% favorite author? Patrick O’Brian. His nautical tales of the Napoleonic war, featuring odd couple Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr. Stephen Maturin, are beyond brilliant. His historicity is perfect, and he has mastered the ability to write in the voice of the era. For all that the books are hard-hitting, they’re also gently humorous, even whimsical. O’Brian is one of the few authors with whom I can’t see the “cracks” in what he does. My business is taking stories apart and putting them back together, right? But O’Brian’s magic is such that I can’t even fathom how he does it. So I just sit down and enjoy the ride.

6 Things I'm Reading, Watching, Eating This Week

Movie: Tombstone directed by George P. Cosmatos

After visiting Tuscon and Tombstone, Arizona, for the first time this summer when I was down there speaking to the RWA chapter, I’ve had the itch to rewatch this movie. I’d only seen it once before, and the only two things I remembered were: 1) the amazing Bruce Broughton soundtrack and 2) Val Kilmer, of course. What I didn’t remember is the fact this film is nigh unto a masterpiece. It’s brilliant from start to finish, in its casting (and I’m not generally a big Kurt Russell fan), its setting, and especially its powerful pacing. The whole story is is just one straight line of rising tension until it all explodes into violence. I feel like they also did a great job weaving in both the reality and the legend of the historical event.


Music: Lone Ranger soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

The movie might have been suspect, but this is fast becoming one of my favorite Zimmer scores of recent years. It’s quirky and adventurous, but it’s that third track, “Silver,” that just goosebumps me all over. It’s painfully haunting in the way only the best music ever is. My only real complaint is that the theme isn’t more prevalent throughout the soundtrack. Oh, and that it didn’t get a better movie to play under…

Gizmo: Personalized Custom Planner from Belle Rousseur Designs

I’m a schedule nut (kinda an extension of being an outline nut, don’t you think?), so I splurged this year and got myself a planner that’s a little more fun than the run-of-the-mill Walmart variety I usually get. It’s so purty, and it’s personalized with my chosen word for next year. It’s got a nifty pocket, extra to-do lists after each month, and–stickers!


Food: Jimmy John’s Hunter Club

Funny story: I first encountered Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, while on a road trip with my parents. We were looking for something for lunch that was easily accessible from the highway, and when we spotted a sign that said “Gourmet Sandwiches,” we pulled over. Of course, when we get inside, there’s another sign that says, “Actually, we were just kidding about the gourmet part.” Cue grumpiness, and it was probably the grumpiness that made me not enjoy my sandwich. So when Jimmy John’s finally comes to my town, I ignore it for years. My mistake. I tried them again this year, and ohmigosh. Seriously, majorly, gourmetly delicious!


Cute Animal I Want This Week

6 Things I'm Reading, Watching, Eating This Week

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Let’s chat! What’s something–animal or otherwise–that made you go, “Awwwww!” this week? Tell me in the comments?

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  1. “Sound of Silence played on Peruvian Pan Flutes

  2. I am rather having more “Ahh” moments. Been busy reading and watching documentaries about the hill station where my novel is set. 😉
    Actually I did had an Aww moment. But that was from a TV serial I am following for quite some time now. But that is from my mother land and in my mother tongue. No use sharing it 🙁

  3. The Lone Ranger soundtrack is totally one of my favorites, too! And that track give me goosebumps as well (and works nicely for scene inspiration while I’m in the outlining stage). While I don’t listen to a book-specific soundtrack while I write, I do like to compile “soundtracks” for my books while I’m outlining/plotting.

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      Most of the time, I just run through my library of movie scores without really thinking how they apply to what I’m writing. It gives certain scenes an interesting slant sometimes.

  4. Listening to Theme from Star Wars… I hear I have to get in line now to see the post Christmas segment. Watching early morning sky. Preparing to say farewell to a friend. I said “Aw” to a picture of baby polar bear. Mary Ellen

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      I wanted to get tickets for the Monday after Christmas, but apparently they’re not pre-selling that far in the future just yet.

  5. Oh my, I can’t tell you how I love these posts. They are a fun glimpse into your interests, and give me so many things to look up and enjoy afterwards.

    Book I’m enjoying: Yours. Finished it yesterday, and it is fantastic!!
    Movie: Little Dorrit, the BBC adaptation. It’s so long I haven’t seen it in two years, so I’m getting it out again this year.
    Music: The Burning Edge of Dawn, by Andrew Peterson. He’s one of my favorite Christian songwriters, the way he combines life and faith and stories into all his songs. I’ve listened to his new CD 5 times or more since I got it a week ago.

    I’m going to look up that Lone Ranger soundtrack; it sounds awesome!!

    Great work on dusting off your blog here. It’s so fun, and well worth the effort.


    • K.M. Weiland says:

      Woot! So glad you enjoyed the book. 😀

      I *adore* the Little Dorrit miniseries. I watch it at least once a year. Best Dickens adaptation ever. I’m still hoping and praying they do Dombey and Son one of these days.

  6. I love the idea of the personalized planner! Especially with your word-of-the-year on the cover. Great daily (hourly?) reminder! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Tombstone. Need I say more? Now I’ll have to go listen to the Lone Ranger sound track and eat a Jimmy John’s sandwich. I’m sure it will be a pleasant experience. 😉 Have a lovely weekend, K!

  8. Susan Kaye says:

    My biggest aw moment was discovering a network called LAFF has come on and broadcasts the 90s show Grace Under Fire. This is one of The Big Bang Theory’s creator, Chuck Lorre’s early works. I have a heart of lower to lower middle class people struggling to make it.

    Favorites from O’Brien: “Sir, you have debauched my sloth.” and “Lord, I wish Stephen was here.” Love Aubrey and Maturin.

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      Hah! The “debauched sloth” line is my favorite too. I find myself saying it every time I start a new book.

  9. Jim Tucker says:

    I’m feeding wild birds and a squirrel in my backyard in Maple Falls, WA, near the base of Mt. Baker. Two days ago i was on the back deck and a cute little gray squirrel came onto the deck to fetch some organic, unsalted peanuts in the shell I’d strategically placed there. He took one, ran off, buried it, came back, repeated, then on the third trip he boldly walked over to me, reached his little paw out and gently touched the toe of my Dansko. There are also dozens of birds feeding off the tops of stumps and out of the pie plate I’ve filled with seeds.
    Interesting, too, because I’m writing my swords and sorcery adventure epic novel now. the opening chapter has my Half-Elf protagonist sitting in Grandfather Oak, feeding seeds, nuts and honeyed treats to a little gray squirrel named Chatter. The first draft of that chapter was written in 1988. Can you say “Procrastinate”?

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      Awwww! How awesome is that!

      • Jim Tucker says:

        Which part? The little squirrel touching my toe, or the synchronicity with my story’s opening scene in the forest? That scene also features a know it all thieving Forest Jay named Rowdy. In my yard there is a pair of Stellar Jays who are real bullies. They think they can sing, but they really suck, by other bird’s standards. But try telling the Jays that.

  10. 1. I love all your blog posts. They are helping me so much.
    2. I just bought your “Outlining Your Novel” and “Structuring Your Novel” from Amazon…so excited for that package to arrive.
    3. Thank you for the lovely soundtrack to listen to. I adore Hans Zimmer.
    4. I know that “Storming” is set to come out 2015, but when? I just read the blurb and I want to read it so badly. Christmas present for me!

    Thank you!

  11. Michael Ryan says:

    Hi Katie if you have not already done so, have a look at Peter Weir’s film “Gallipoli”.

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