All the Super-Important Stuff on This Writer’s Desk

All the Super-Important Stuff on This Writer's Desk

Everybody knows it: a writer’s stuff is really important–especially all the stuff on a writer’s desk. A few weeks ago, after I posted a pic of my work-laden desk in my Helping Writers Become Authors e-letter, my critique partner Linda Yezak suggested I do a post about all my super-important desk junk. She sent me a link to thriller author Joseph Finder’s interactive desk tour, and it was so much fun, I figured I’d better do the same.

Welcome to My Writer’s Desk

(And please feel very special because it’s only this messy in your honor!)

Click on the black dots to get more info about the most important treasures (any Amazon links are affiliate links).

Let’s chat! Whether you’re a writer or not, what are three things on your desk right now? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. What type of computer do you use?

  2. Love this one too. Missed the link earlier.

  3. Love how you did the pictures. OK three things on my desk. Coffee, HP computer and a Nikon CoolScan V ED film scanner I use to digitize slide film or negative film of mountain landscapes in the Pacific Northwest.

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      I was just thinking the other day how scanners have to be one of the best modern inventions.

  4. Cassie Journigan says:

    Bell, book, and candle.

  5. Could you do a post on how to organize your desk? Mine is terrible right now and I’m desperately looking for some tips. Thanks!

  6. Melanie Winkler says:

    on my desk is the laptop/pc, I use my laptop for everything . paper/old notebooks with stories in them. Pens for anything i need to write down.Though i am organised it looks a bit messy.

  7. Beginner Novelist - Sarah E. Gabor says:

    My Desk Status:
    Typewriter and paper on Grandmas old desk in the garage for grinding out first drafts, desktop on desk in the house which I will use for editing etc.
    My dream is to get a laptop ❤️ a silver laptop. With maybe a few little flower stickers in the corner on the right side of the like built in mouse pad thingy. And a cool little computer bag for carrying it in…then I can sit in a little cafe somewhere and eat little chocolates and write blog posts for my blog which I will have someday…it’s the little things 😌🙂☺️❤️

  8. My desk supports the numerous tools I can’t seem to do without. Laptop that has both Scrivener and yWriter, a uniquely shaped antique lamp with a garden scene painted on it, two analog clocks as I tend to lose all sense of time when I am writing, an attached 2 shelf bookcase behind my laptop that contains 54 writing guides and 4 years of Writer’s Digest magazines, my apple 6S cell phone (large screen as I use it to read my over 131 eBooks on novel writing, promotion, marketing and editing guides, along with 2,056 novels to date. Yes, I read a lot, but no, I haven’t read them all… yet.

    Also, there is a tablet that also has both Scrivener and yWrtier, that I use for traveling as my laptop is quite large and heavy (ASUS gaming laptop 17″ widescreen), tried lugging this thing to a coffee shop once, only once, I learned quickly from the pain in my shoulder from carrying it in the case, and the amount of space on the small cafe table, that this was not what I would call portable.

    Most importantly, there is a jar of healthy dog treats, yak cheese chews, bully sticks, etc. Beside that is another slim container that holds nail clippers, dog safe scissors, a bottle of Chi leave-in conditioning spray and a slicker brush for my ever patient and loving red-sable pomeranian that either lays on the dog bed that sits on a chair beside mine or at my feet with her toys. She loves when I close my laptop and push it aside and place her on the desk for her daily grooming followed by lots of snuggling and praise. That’s the best part of the day and the reward for calling it a day after hours of writing/research/studying.

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