Announcing the Full-Cast Audio Production of Wayfarer!

Today, I get to do something I’ve never done before! I get to announce that my gaslamp fantasy Wayfarer is now available not just as an audio book but as full-cast immersive audio production complete with original music and sound effects!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this one. Unabridged and produced by Sargent Family Productions, it’s almost like seeing it as a movie! 😀 I’m not much of an audiobook listener myself and normally I can barely stand to read my own stuff aloud, much less listen to someone else read it. But this experience is such an utter delight. For me, it’s almost like listening to a story written by someone else!

So if you’re into gaslamp fantasy*, or if you’ve already read and enjoyed Wayfarer, or if you want to experience a full-on audio dramatization, or if you just prefer the audio experience in general, I hope you’ll check it out! It is available for streaming or download via the Awesound platform, which was specifically chosen for the rich, immersive experience it provides to listeners. For best results, listen with quality headphones or speakers.

(*What’s gaslamp fantasy, you ask? It’s a subgenre of fantasy and a spinoff of steampunk, in which the setting is historical—1820 England in this case—but with more of a focus on magic or mad science rather than tech.)

About Wayfarer

In this heroic gaslamp fantasy, superhuman abilities bring an adventurous new dimension to 1820 London, where an outlaw speedster and a master of illusion do battle to decide who will own the city.

Think being a superhero is hard? Try being the first one.

Will’s life is a proper muddle—and all because he was “accidentally” inflicted with the ability to run faster and leap higher than any human ever. One minute he’s a blacksmith’s apprentice trying to save his master from debtor’s prison. The next he’s accused of murder and hunted as a black-hearted highwayman.

A vengeful politician with dark secrets and powers even more magical than Will’s has duped all of London into blaming Will for the chilling imprisonments of the city’s poor. The harder Will tries to use his abilities to fight crime, the deeper he is entangled in a dark underworld belonging to some of Georgian England’s most colorful characters.

Only Will stands a chance of stopping this powerful madman bent on “reforming” London by any means necessary. Unfortunately, Will is beginning to realize becoming a legend might mean sacrificing everything that matters.

Read Listen to this new adrenaline-fueled historical superhero adventure today!

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