Storming’s Launch Day! Win Prizes!

Time to get this party started! Today is the Launch Day for my fourth novel Storming, a historical/dieselpunk mashup that is dear to my heart for a lot of reasons: 1. I had probably more fun writing it than I have any of my other books. 2. Which makes sense, since I think you’ll find it the most objectively “fun” story […]

Join Me for a Flying Tour of the Real-Life Settings in Storming

Ready to step back in time with me to 1920s western Nebraska? Usually, when I write a book, my settings are contained wholly in my imagination–and maybe Google images. But with my dielselpunk/historical novel Storming (which releases this Friday–woohoo!), I got to experience the special treat of setting a story in a place with which I am […]

Giveaway! Win a Shakespearean Bookend

Here’s a little something extra to be thankful for this week. Welcome to Giveaway #4 in our month-long windup to the release of my dieselpunk-historical novel Storming. It releases next week on December 4th to the fanfare of the BIG Launch-Day prize, so be sure to stop back for the fun. But for now, you get […]

Giveaway! Win a Unique Book-Themed Kindle Cover

More prizes! Woohoo! Ready for Round #3 in our month-long series of giveaways leading up to the BIG prize on December 4th, to celebrate the release of my dieselpunk/historical novel Storming? But of course you are. 🙂 Today, I’m excited to share a little bit of old-school-meets-technology coolness. If you’re like me, you’ve kinda turned traitor […]

What Inspired Storming? 14 Things

You’d think as long as I’ve been at this writing thing, the twisty-turny process of inspiration would be old hat by now. But nope. I’m everlastingly fascinated by all the varied pieces that serendipitously combine to finally create a book. I’m often asked, “Where do you come up with your ideas?” Honestly, it’s awesome question. […]

Giveaway: Win the Original Artwork From Storming!

Ready to win what I think is maybe the most awesome prize I’ve ever given away? But then, I’m prejudiced! As you know, my next novel–the dieselpunk/historical mashup Storming–is coming out December 4th, and to celebrate I’m hosting a fun giveaway every week this month, leading up to the BIG prize drawing on release day. Storming is […]

Meet Storming’s Cast of Characters!

What writer doesn’t want to see her story up on the big screen? “Casting” characters has long been a guilty pleasure for authors. After all, only the hunkiest, most Oscar-winniest actors could possibly play our beloved characters! But pleasurable though it may be, casting actually isn’t so guilty after all. I get tons of benefits from […]

Giveaway! Win a Gorgeous Handmade Metal Bookmark

You know me: I never need very much of an excuse to do a giveaway! And I know you guys: you never need very much of an excuse to participate in a giveaway! So what’s the excuse this time? To celebrate the December 4th release of my historical/dieselpunk adventure novel Storming, I’m going to be running […]

The Big Secret I’ve Never Shared Online Before

Hah. I knew that headline would make you look twice. 😀 Now before I pay off with the punchline, let me explain. Around here, November means two things: 1. It means sayonara to even the last dribs of warm weather. 2. And it means my birthday (which I always say like Otis Campbell). These two things […]

6 Things That Have My Attention This Week

What has my attention this week? Note: All Amazon links are affiliate links. Book: Deephaven by Sarah Orne Jewett I was debating reading this book (Jewett was on my list of classic authors to pursue), since I couldn’t quite make out from the descriptions if it was a novel. I went ahead with it, and I […]