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Storming - 3D With StarsWhile you’re waiting for it to download, check out my historical/dieselpunk mashup Storming to start your adventure in the sky!

After a peculiar young woman falls out of the sky onto his biplane, an irresponsible barnstormer must help her prevent storm-wielding sky pirates from destroying the Nebraska hometown he fled nine years ago.

“I LOVE IT!!! I mean it’s great. Funny. Wonderful. [Weiland is] an amazing writer. This might be the best book I’ve read this year.”—Ed Markel

“It is a highly inventive story with just the right balance of unpredictability and universal appeal. The characters are especially well rounded, their humanity believable as each one’s troubled past was gradually revealed.”—The Grace Awards

“I finished it last night and loved every bit of it. I have that sad feeling you get when you finish a good book and wish there were more.“—Jessie Heninger

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