Currently Writing

thornfield-161Jane Eyre: The Classic Annotated for Readers and Writers—Coming 2014

First in a series of well-known classic books with annotations geared specifically toward writers.

Genre: Writing How-To

Status: Writing



kenyaThe Deepest Breath—Coming 2015

Love, betrayal, and vengeance dog two men and the woman they both care for through the trenches of World War I, corruption in colonial Kenya, and the criminal underbelly of London.

Genre: Historical

Status: Editing


biplaneStorming—Coming 2018

Professional barnstormer Robert “Hitch” Hitchcock has been romancing the skies ever since the wide new frontier of aviation opened the heavens to exploration. He tours the country, putting on aviation demonstrations and thrilling the crowds with his wild stunts and fast-talking charm. He’s used to being the boss of the show. But, during a long overdue stop to his hometown in western Nebraska’s middle-of-nowhere farm country, his world does a barrel roll when a young woman falls from the clouds and nearly collides with his bi-plane.

The eccentric Jael picks herself out of her fortunate landing place in the local lake and slips unobtrusively into country life. She charms everyone she meets, takes orphaned eight-year-old Walter under her wing—and demands Hitch give her a plane ride back home…to the clouds.

Hitch takes orders from nobody, especially a woman as peculiar as this one. But his barnstorming show always has room for a beautiful woman fearless enough to step onto his wings. He gives her a job, little realizing the thunderheads gathering on the horizon are being summoned by enemies even Jael didn’t know she had. Unless she can convince Hitch to put his fancy flying to a better use than his own fame and fortune, war and weather will be unleashed upon unwitting Nebraska. And the secret land above the clouds—the land known as Storming—will be secret no longer.

Genre: Steampunk

Status: Writing