Giveaway! Win a Unique Book-Themed Kindle Cover

Giveaway! Win a Unique Book-Themed Kindle Cover

More prizes! Woohoo! Ready for Round #3 in our month-long series of giveaways leading up to the BIG prize on December 4th, to celebrate the release of my dieselpunk/historical novel Storming? But of course you are. 🙂

Storming K.M. WeilandToday, I’m excited to share a little bit of old-school-meets-technology coolness. If you’re like me, you’ve kinda turned traitor on old-fashioned paper books, just because you love the convenience, comfiness, and cheap on-demand literature of the e-reader. But you still love the way books look … and feel … and smell.

Why we shouldn’t get to have the best of both worlds? This week, thanks to the awesome people at the KleverCase, one of you will get to do just that! KleverCase creates brilliant and beautifully traditionally bound hard-cover book cases… for your e-reader!

The Prize

One lucky winner will receive a beautiful vintage book hardback e-reader cover handmade in England, using forty years of bookbinding experience.

The perfect coming together of old books and new technology makes this the ideal for e-reader owners who miss the feel of a book in their hands.

Made using locally sourced materials by highly skilled craftsmen and -women in England, their cases are of the highest quality and have a lovely backstory that makes them the ideal present and conversation piece.

If you win, you will be able to choose from four different book designs, customized with the your own book title and author name. You can also add a personal message inside.

KleverCase Main Pic


KleverCase Custom Kindle Book Covers

To Enter

To enter, all you have to do is select your options from the Rafflecopter widget below. The winner will be posted here and contacted next Thursday.

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Let’s chat! What would you say is the ratio of books you read on an e-reader versus “real” books? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Timothy Hicks says:

    Almost half and half now. I’m reading more and more ebooks because they are easier to carry around than a print copy. But some series i still want a copy to hold in my hands.

  2. Tamara Meyers says:

    Only about 10% ebooks, 40% traditional books and 50% Audio books.

  3. Tamara Meyers says:

    I forgot to say that my ebook percentage is increasing now that I have a reader and don’t have to sit at my computer to read them.

  4. The covers are absolutely stunning ;w; I always have my kindle with me and mine’s just plain pink hehe 😛

  5. Probably 10:1 real books. I get more of them on kindle however as I trend toward minimalism…

  6. I want one with the Storming cover on it.

  7. I am sure I have more ebooks than physical books the ratio I’m unsure of.

  8. 70% Kindle, 30% Paper…. Usually if I buy a paper book these days, I’ll buy a kindle version too. Oh but I have a roomful of old books I just can’t bear to be rid of.

  9. 3/2 in favor of real!

  10. If I get a cover I’ll have to get a Kindle! I have a Sony e-reader. It’s alright but I do favor paper.

  11. Hi

    80% e-reader : 20% real books.

  12. I mostly read on the ereader, probably 90%. I will read nonfiction books for work and writing in hardcopy.

  13. I love real books, as they give a nice touch and a paper-y smell that I adore! (I am addicted, to be frank!) But I also love e-books, as they are so convenient and a single Kindle Paperwhite grants me access to thousands of books that aren’t available locally! I will say the ratio is 2:1 in favour of bounded books!

  14. I’d say it’s probably 1:4. I like e books but I love to hold real ones!

  15. I definitely prefer paper books but I do have 100+ ebooks on my Kindle. So I would have to say that Reading: 90% paper and 10% Kindle but OWN: 75% Kindle ebooks and 25% paper

  16. I probably only read about 5% on e-reader at the moment. But then I work in a library, so ‘real’ books are very easily available to me. I also listen to e-audio books on my iPad on the bus to work.

  17. S.K. Lamont says:

    I probably read about 70% on my Kindle, though I like the feel of paper better. I enjoy being able to take notes and highlight sections in my Kindle, then later I can compile them into a word document!

  18. Like most people, I was addicted to the feel and smell of paper books. That is, until my wife surprised me with a Kindle. From that moment, I’ve been hooked. I can get any book instantly. I can carry my entire library with me, wherever I go. I can read my book at night without a book light (that was a major Godsend). I can highlight and make notes and look up words, without having to set the book down. Plus, I don’t have to break my back lifting a roomful of heavy book boxes every time we move. The Kindle changed my life. And, no matter how much I may still love reading traditional books, I’ll never go back to reading them.


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