Giveaway: Win the Original Artwork From Storming!

Ready to win what I think is maybe the most awesome prize I’ve ever given away? But then, I’m prejudiced!

Storming K.M. WeilandAs you know, my next novel–the dieselpunk/historical mashup Storming–is coming out December 4th, and to celebrate I’m hosting a fun giveaway every week this month, leading up to the BIG prize drawing on release day.

Storming is a special book for me, different in a lot of ways from anything I’ve ever done before–it’s a fun, adventurous romp, with lots of humor and lots of heart. It’s also the first time that I’ve mixed my two genre loves: historical with a dash of speculative.

And the other first? It’s the first time any of my novels will include custom illustrations. Joanna Marie–of Joanna Marie Art–has been doing artwork for me ever since Behold the Dawn, in which she did the map, and Dreamlander, for which she did the city maps found only in the exclusive reader extras (which you can access via the link in the back of the book).

Joanna Marie ArtThis time around, we went all out. She did nine amazing sketches for the interior of the book. I’m incredibly excited to get to share them with you when the book comes out–and I’m just as excited to get to literally share the original sketches with one lucky winner today.

The Prize

Joanna and I will be giving away the nine original sketches from the book. Below, you can see just a few. (Note, that the frames in the pic at the top of the post are not included, and the sketches measure 12×16″. That pic was just a bit of Photofunia.)

Jenny JN-4D

Hitch Hitchcock, the freewheeling protagonist, flies back to his Nebraska hometown in a JN-4D–or Jenny.

J.W. House Storming K.M. Weiland

The mansion of eccentric old farmer, J.W. Berringer.

Jael's Pendant Storming K.M. Weiland

The mysterious pendant that belongs to the equally mysterious woman who falls right out of the sky.

Naturally, I can’t show you anymore than that–both because what fun would that be? And because: SPOILERS. So be ye warned, lucky winner, read the book before you hang them on your walls.

To Enter

You know the drill! It’s Rafflecopter time. Tally up your entries in the widget below. The winner will be posted here next Thursday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let’s chat! If you could commission artwork for yourself for any reason, what you ask for? Tell me in the comments!

Giveaway: Win the Original Artwork From Storming!


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  1. A painting of my parents, wife, children and grandchildren as they have never ever been together so no photographs could exist

  2. The illustrations are all awesome–and a total surprise. I wasn’t expecting illustrations, since none of your other books had them. Now, I’m thinking that illustrations for even non-children’s books ought to become a thing. Right? 🙂

  3. Awesome illustrations! I actually did commission a cover picture of mine to a friend. I scetched something out, but then my little brother scribbled on it. She redid it in digital so it looked more professional. 😉

  4. Awesome art. I would need a cover for my next novel if I asked for something. It´s on the way 😉

  5. Even though I can draw and paint, I still like to see what other people can do. I’d love to have cover art for my work in progress.

  6. If I could commission a piece of art, it would be a piece to accompany my version of Down by the Salley Gardens by Yeats.

  7. All the drawings are great but I’m partial to the Jennie, the Curtiss bi-plane!

  8. I am attempting to add style to my living spaces. This would make a good addition. And plus, its Storming we’re talking about here.

  9. Lorna G. Poston says:

    Cool drawings. She did a good job.

  10. Thanks for offering the opportunity to win such wonderful pieces of art.

  11. Emma Grabin says:

    I love all of your books and am excitedly awaiting the release of “Storming”. I think if I were to commission artwork for myself, it would have something to do with a library or large roomful of books to decorate my wall with. 🙂

  12. If I were to commission artwork for myself it would be for the book I am writing for my grandchildren. Children love fairy tales and fantasy and pictures make it even better!

  13. I love illustrations! If I could, then I would illustrate the lands, buildings (castles!!), and people that swirl around in my imagination. Oh, and the dragons. There must be dragons. Sadly, I don’t have the skill to brings those things to life. I draw with words rather than lines. Congratulations on the book release!!

  14. I would want sketches and a map made of the fictional town I’m writing about. I hope to publish a series of novels about the same town, and would love some good drawings of it!

  15. I definitely think it would be artwork for a book – probably cover art. I think book covers, when done well, can be SO amazing! I would love to be able to commission the cover art for my books so I could get the fantastic covers I want. (Sadly, I have no books ready for publishing yet, and I don’t really have the money to commission anyone either. :P)

  16. Awesome story with awesome drawings? I don’t have a book like that for a while!

  17. I love this original concept art! It’s absolutely stunning! What talent! And I love the idea of offering a giveaway! I really can’t wait to read Storming!!! If I were to ever commission artwork, it would definitely be for pivotal moments in my stories. I just wish I had the talent to do it myself. But I’ll stick to the writing 🙂

  18. These sketches are beautiful!
    If I was to commission artwork from someone, I would love for it to be for a book I have written! That would be amazing if I got to that stage. 🙂

  19. I will want cover art one day.

  20. Wonderful artwork! I believe that adults enjoy pictures and/or illustrations in novels. In some cases it can be helpful in visualizing characters or locations. Word pictures are great but sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand (well, at least a few hundred) words.

    If I commissioned artwork I would want it for the cover of my WIP. Perhaps it would be the entrance to a gold mine or the amazing circa 1860s house that is a prominent part of the story. Then again, it might be a portrait of the handsome, young Chinese protagonist.

  21. If I was to commission art, it would probably be of my three main characters, that way they may seem a little more real in the first draft.

  22. Dr. Kenneth R. Cooper says:

    I would ask for an eagle in flight over a forest stream in the fall in a state where the leaves change colors in the fall. I love the majesty of an eagle in flight.

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