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There are fans of my fiction and there are fans of my fiction. If you’re one of the latter, then this exclusive Super Reader group is just for you!

You guys are why I do what I do, and I want to create a special “street team” group that will give you early access to my upcoming fiction, as well as exclusive giveaways and the opportunity to influence my future books!

K.M. Weiland's Super Readers Group

Here’s what’s involved in being a Super Reader:

  • Whenever I have a new novel coming out, Super Readers will be notified early and given the opportunity to grab a free digital copy long before the book goes on sale.
  • Even better, I will send you a free digital copy of any of my already published novels.
  • You get a free pass to the exclusive Super Readers Facebook group, where you can interact with me and other readers.
  • Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to enter exclusive giveaways for books and other prizes. These giveaways are not open to anyone but Super Readers.
  • No strings attached. You can leave the group at any time!

How to Join

  • Flash your Super Reader credentials! Tell me which of my novels you’ve read. (This is required.)
  • Fill out the rest of the below form to apply for approved membership.
  • If your K.M. Weiland library is incomplete and you’d like a copy of one my novels.

(Want special access to my writing how-to books as well? Join the Wordplayer group!)


Let’s chat! Are you in? What would make this group the most fun for you? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. ? I’m in!

    Whatever is allowable, desirable or permissible in the following.


    1. Behind the scenes with scenes
    2. Character interviews
    3. A date with the setting.
    4. Edit rejects- things that didn’t make the cut.
    a.) ideas
    b.) characters
    c.) plot points
    d.) endings
    e.) plot twists

    5. Personal reflection in writing your current WIP.
    6. Frustrations
    7. Highlights
    8. Reasoning or experience in naming characters
    9. Experience with novel development
    a.) ideas
    b.) research
    c.) sketches
    d.) characters/arc

    10. Top 3-5 positives in current WIP
    11. Top 3-5 negatives/frustrations in current WIP.
    12. Top 3 quotes in current WIP.
    13. Top 3-5 helpful resources in researching current WIP.
    14. Top 3 favorite historical facts in the setting of current WIP.
    15. Why did you pick this particular setting?
    16. Why this particular time period?
    17. Behind the scenes with the BETAS
    18. Behind the scenes with the editor
    19. Behind the scenes with inspiration for current WIP
    20. Behind the scenes with publisher or marketing current WIP (if possible)

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