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It’s book cover time! This is always one of my favorite parts of any book launch. Book covers are so visual and fun, and, especially if you’re the author, it’s a blast getting to see some of your imagination brought to life by someone else‘s imagination. This year, I’m going to cheat just a little bit and give all of you a big, fat sneak peek at the book cover for my upcoming historical/dieselpunk mashup Storming.

Why am I cheating? 

#1: It’s way too hard to resist sharing all this deliciousness.

#2: You guys were so awesome in helping me choose the right story summary for Storming that I just have to do it again!

The awesome book cover creators at Damonza have come up with the first round of great cover concepts. They’re all amazing (although none of them are in any way finalized), so it’s ridiculously hard for me to choose. That’s where you come in. This book is for you–so which of the following covers do you like the best? 

Tell me: which of the following book covers is your favorite? Which would grab you out of your book browsing and demand you read it? After you’ve voted in the poll widget at the bottom of the post, please leave me a note with any further suggestions to help us make the cover even better.

Cover #1: Plane and Dirigible

Storming - Bb

Cover #2: People

Storming - D2B

Cover #3: Goggles

Storming - D

Cover #4: Bi-Plane

Storming - B

Cover #5: Art Deco

Storming - C

Let’s chat! Which book cover did you like the best? What about it grabs you? How can we make it even better? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. #1 is my favorite! I love the old map feel, and the colors really stand out to me. (That’s the one I voted for!) 🙂
    #2 is lovely, but it has too much of a cartoonish feel.
    #3 Please forgive me, but I detest this cover! I had a strong reaction to it –and not in a good way! So, so sorry to the designer!
    #4 I love the font and the lattice at the top; however, the red plane is too garish compared to the rest of the cover! Yet, I love the same plane on #1!
    #5 Please forgive me for this too, but all I could think of was my boys’ movie Planes. It looks like the plane is laughing!
    Your story is so wonderful, KM Weiland, I’m sure any cover you choose will do it justice! All your other covers are perfect, and I know this one will be too! 🙂

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      Thanks, Michele! I have to admit I wasn’t crazy about #3 either, and someone else said exactly the same thing about #5!

  2. Initially I was going to choose the first cover, but ultimately I went with Art Deco. I wanted to like the People cover, but it seemed too cartoonish and whimsical for the summaries you’ve shared. Art Deco gives a great hint to the time, and the presence of the dirigible hints at the dieselpunk elements of the plot. (I’d like it better with the font from #4, but … this is your book, not mine, of course.)

  3. It’s really hard to know what to choose without knowing the story. But since you asked which would grab my attention and demand I read it…
    Okay, so, this is me browsing the bookstore shelves:
    #1 is interesting but the proportions of the blimp appear off, and the green footer doesn’t really fit with the aerial activity.
    #2 well done but looks like a romance adventure targeting young female readers.
    #3 my favorite and the one I’d choose to read as there’s a sense of adventure, mystery… possibly danger by what’s reflected in the goggles.
    #4 another adventure story, possibly crop-duster, barn-stormer faces challenges in the big city/Hollywood.
    #5 Nice design for a Broadway musical, perhaps.

    2 cents, and all that! You know the story and which cover matches the best, it’s just cool that you not only share your editing process, but choosing the cover art as well.

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      Thanks! That’s very helpful–since most readers will see the cover without first knowing anything about the story.

      • Really good point! Interesting the difference between choosing a book cover for a story, than choosing a story by the book cover. One is more objective, basing it on the story, the other subjective; basing choice on the art.

  4. 1 is nice and clean cut. More to-the-point. But its close with 2 for me because I like having a visual of the characters.

  5. I chose #2 People. But I liked #3 Goggles. I didn’t think Goggles had enough oomph, and it didn’t give me more of a hint of the story like People did. Otherwise, I would have preferred Goggles.


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