Reading Discussions Dreamlander

dreamlander-1171. In the beginning of the book, Chris believes life is too overwhelming when you allow yourself to care about things. Does his mindset change over the course of the story? What causes or inhibits the change?

2. What was unique about the setting of the book and how did it enhance or take away from the story?

3. Orias has to make a choice between watching Rotoss slaughter the Cherazii or betraying everything he’s ever believed in to save them. Do you think he made the right choice? What choice would you have made under the circumstances?

4. Why was Allara initially so hesitant to trust Chris? Was she justified in her hesitation?

5. How do the characters change or evolve throughout the course of the story? What events trigger such changes?

6. Why do you think the Garowai withheld information from Allara?

7. In what ways do the events in the book reveal the author’s world view?

8. How would you have reacted differently from Mike and Brooke when Chris told them the truth about the dreams?

9. Allara compared her life to hanging onto a cliff. She was afraid to let go and fall into the unknown, even though she knew the fall might only be inches long. Why do you think she felt this way? Can you relate?

10. Chris blamed his father for “walking away” after the car accident that killed his mother when he was a child. Can you think of at least two examples of Chris emotionally or physically walking away from his responsibilities?

11. Based on the decisions they made in the story, which of these characters was the most despicable: Mactalde, Harrison, Orias, Brooke, Kaufman, or Rotoss?

12. What specific themes did the author emphasize throughout the novel? What do you think she is trying to get across to the reader?

13. What specific events helped mold Chris into a leader?