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Just wanted to send out a quick shout to let you all know of a few minor updates I’ve added to Wordplay.

1. Weekly Poll. Blog interaction is always lots of fun, so I’ve decided to add a weekly poll. This week’s is a pretty general one, focused on determining what kind of posts you prefer to read: how-to articles about the nitty-gritty of the craft, or essays about the various psychological and creative aspects of the writing life. I’ve been focusing quite a bit lately on the essays, so I’ll probably implement a more balanced ratio in the future, depending on what you all have to say. In the future, most of the polls will be directly related to my posts.

2. Email Subscription. The new “subscribe via email” widget will allow you to subscribe to email updates if you’d like to be notified by email whenever I post a new article. The old RSS feeds are still available as well.

3. Suggestion Box. If you scroll on down the sidebar, you’ll notice I’ve added a suggestion/critique/comment box, so you can contact me directly. E-mail away! I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what you’re thinking about writing, any subjects or questions you’d like me to cover or answer in the future, or any complaints about the blog or my writing. Tell me what I can do to make Wordplay fulfill your needs as much as possible.

4. Social Site Buttons. I’ve been a busy gal lately, running around the Web, hooking up with some fantastic people. If you’d like to follow me on one of the many social sites I frequent, check out the links farther down the sidebar. Twitter, especially, has proven to be a blast. Follow me to receive updates about my writing and my blog, helpful links, inspiring quotes, and a question of the day.

Any suggestions for further improvements are, of course, always welcome!

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  1. I’m enjoying your book. I’m several pages into Chapter 8 and I’m very impressed by your writing talent. I feel like I’m in the action and dialogue with the characters; you’ve made them very believable and true to life. There’s always something happening so my interest is constantly at a high level.

    I do my reading in the evening before I go to bed and I can’t wait to pick up A MAN CALLED OUTLAW again later today.

  2. I think I need to make up a badge for My Favorite Reader of the Week. You’d win this week’s! I’m so happy you’re enjoying it!

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