Finally Here! New Workbooks Make Outlining and Structuring Your Novel Easy, Intuitive, and Fun

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably read hundreds of books on how to write amazing novels. You’ve nodded your head whenever a new epiphany lit up the light bulb above your head, and you highlighted every new idea you wanted to put to work in your own books. But chances are good you also forgot half those epiphanies and highlights in between reading those how-to books and sitting down to work on your own creations. That’s why workbooks can be such a fabulous tool for actually implementing all those important ideas in your writing.

As most of you know I am the author of the internationally published how-to books Outlining Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel. Over the years, I’ve been thrilled to hear from many of you who have used the principles in these books to realize your dreams of writing and publishing great books. I’ve also been tickled to hear that many of you have highlighted the heck out of the books and read them over and over–sometimes every time you start a new novel!

But that got me to thinking: Surely there’s a way to make it easier for us (yeah, I reference my own books too!) to remember all this stuff and put it into action when planning, writing, and revising our stories.

Introducing the Reader-Requested Outlining Your Novel Workbook and Structuring Your Novel Workbook

And then what should pop into my inbox but an email from reader Jim Berning who wondered if I had ever considered adapting Outlining Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel into workbooks.

My first thought? Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?

So with much thanks to Jim and many others who have helped see these books to fruition, I’m super-excited to be able to offer you the Outlining Your Novel Workbook and the Structuring Your Novel Workbook.

Outlining Your Novel showed you how to embrace outlines in a way that makes the writing process fun, inspiring, and easy. Structuring Your Novel showed you how to create stories with strong and compelling plot structure. Now it’s time to put those lessons to use! Containing hundreds of incisive questions and imagination-revving exercises, these accessible and streamlined workbooks will empower you to create powerful outlines, effective structures, and outstanding novels.

Outlining Your Novel WorkbookThe Outlining Your Novel Workbook

Learn how to make your first draft easy!

Building upon the principles you’ve already learned, the Outlining Your Novel Workbook presents a guided approach to getting the bones of your story down on paper, identifying plot holes, and brainstorming exciting new possibilities.

It will show you how to:

  •  Create your own personalized outlining process
  • Brainstorm premise and plot ideas
  • Discover your characters
  • Choose and create the right settings
  • Organize your scenes

The Structuring Your Novel Workbook

Structuring Your Novel WorkbookDiscover the proven blueprint for stories that sell!

The Structuring Your Novel Workbook shows you how to write solid first drafts, identify and fix plot problems, and produce consistently good stories.

It will help you:

  • Implement a strong three-act structure
  • Time your acts and your plot points
  • Unleash your unique and personal vision for your story
  • Identify common structural weaknesses and flip them around into stunning strengths
  • Eliminate saggy middles by discovering your story’s “centerpiece”
  • And so much more!

Grab Your Copies and Start Outlining and Structuring Your Novel Today!

The workbooks are available in two formats. If you opt for the paperbacks, you can write your answers to the questions right into the books.

But I was also determined to offer them as e-books (Kindle and Epub), since I knew the digital versions would end up being a more cost-efficient option for many of you. The digital versions include all the same questions and exercises as the paperback format, allowing you to brainstorm and write your answers in a notebook or on the computer (which makes the workbook totally reusable!).

Grab your copies right now and start writing your best book today!

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