What My Very First Writing Desk Looked Like

Ah, my first desk. I suppose I feel about it like most teenage boys feel about their first cars. Recently, I was digging through old family photo albums (you know, the non-digitized kind) in search of something I wanted for my upcoming course How to Write Amazing Character Arcs. While in the midst of all those […]

The Ultimate Shelfie: What’s in My Bookcase?

As you may know if you’ve watched any of my videos, my bookcase is my go-to background for photos and videos. A few weeks ago, when I posted its pic in the background of my successful editing celebration (below), someone asked for a bookshelf tour. Request granted! The Bookshelf First off, the bookshelf itself. When […]

[TBT] William Wallace, Epic Adventures, and THE Book of My Childhood

(Okay, first off: I know it’s supposed to be Throwback Thursday, but, hey, it works!) For no reason in particular, I happen to be reading a lot about Scotland right now. As I’ve chronicled in recent “6 Things” posts, two books named Scotland happened to be lined up side by side on my shelf. I’m about a […]

I Challenge You to… Random Questions

Remember those viral questionnaires teenagers used to email back and forth to each other in the early 2000s? (Maybe they still do.) They’re a ridiculous waste of time, but I always loved them. So today I’m harking back to my teens and hacking someone else’s meme with some totally random answers to some totally random […]