An Exclusive Interview With Storming Heroine Jael

  Since you all enjoyed the “interview” I did with Hitch, the protagonist of my dieselpunk/historical mashup Storming, I thought I share another one from Storming‘s “extras” (which you can access, in toto, via the link in the back of the book). Be warned, there are a few spoilers in this one! So if you haven’t read the […]

An Exclusive Interview With Storming Pilot Hitch Hitchcock

It’s not every day I get to revisit my characters after finishing their stories. We all go our own ways, me back to my typing and them back to their glamorous, adventurous lives. But lucky for me, Hitch Hitchcock, protagonist of my recently released aviation-adventure novel Storming is different. We share the same hometown in western Nebraska, […]

[Poll] Help Me Choose the Best Story Description for Storming!

If you’re like me (and a bazillion other readers), one of the big deciding factors for you in whether or not you pick up a book is the quality of its story description–its back cover copy–its blurb. But let me tell you–these puppies are tough to write. And that’s where you come in! As I’m sailing towards […]

Psst, There Just Might Be a Dreamlander Sequel in the Works!

All right, so I kinda spilled the beans on this one already. If you listen to my podcast on writing or follow me on Facebook or Twitter or read my writing how-to website Helping Writers Become Authors, then you probably already know my big news: there’s a Dreamlander sequel in the works! I say this like […]