I Challenge You to… Random Questions

Remember those viral questionnaires teenagers used to email back and forth to each other in the early 2000s? (Maybe they still do.) They’re a ridiculous waste of time, but I always loved them. So today I’m harking back to my teens and hacking someone else’s meme with some totally random answers to some totally random […]

6 Things That Have My Attention This Week

What has my attention this week? Book: Kim by Rudyard Kipling Kipling has my heart if only because of “Gunga Din” and “If.” I was seriously underwhelmed by Captains Courageous (probably because I love the Spencer Tracy movie so much), so I wasn’t expecting much from Kim. Pretty much all I knew about it was that, as a […]

How I Read: A Pictorial Guide to a Daily Routine

“What’s your favorite…?” was a common game among myself and my siblings when I was growing up. When it comes to the question What’s your favorite time of the day?, I don’t think my answer has changed at all over the years. It’s still: Reading time. I tease sometimes about how I guard my morning writing time with a flamethrower […]

6 Things I’m Reading, Using, Eating This Week

What has my attention this week? Reading: Scrivener Superpowers by M.G. Herron I’ve been using the specialized word-processor Scrivener for a few years now and have pretty much become a ravingly maniacal fan. It’s got a bit of a learning curve, but I got my Scrivener diploma thanks to Joseph Michael’s awesome Learn Scrivener Fast […]

How to Be Healthy (Even if You Live at a Desk)

In Cecil B. DeMille’s The Greatest Show on Earth, Jimmy Stewart’s Buttons the Clown character says, “Every man kills the thing he loves.” I have this rather morbid theory that it works the other way around too: the thing we love often ends up killing us. Mostly, I think this is simply because “love” is usually […]

7 Things That Have My Attention This Week

What has my attention this week? Book: The Last Boy by Jane Leavy Ever since watching 61*, Billy Crystal’s loving ode to baseball legends Maris and Mantle, I’ve been interested in their history. So when this one popped up a long time ago as a Kindle freebie, I had to grab it. I’m only now getting around to […]

6 Things I’m Watching, Eating, Using This Week

What has my attention this week? Book: The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks Brent Weeks has got to be my favorite living author. His fantasies are incredibly realized, epically epic, and peopled with dynamic, realistic, charismatic characters. I’ve been looking forward to this third installment in his Lightbringer series. I thought this was to be the last […]

6 Things That Have My Attention This Week

What has my attention this week? Reading: On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision by William Lane Craig Reader Garrett Amerson recommended this one to me last summer after seeing I was reading the similar End of Our Exploring by Matthew Lee Anderson. And I’m very glad he did recommend it! I’m only a couple […]

Losing a Pet (or the Ballad of Crazy Bob)

Losing a pet — it’s something every animal lover has to endure sooner or later. Last week, I said goodbye to my beautiful black Lab Crazy Bob. Best I can figure, he was ten years old this spring, so definitely getting up there for a Lab with a life expectancy of only twelve to fourteen years. […]

6 Things I’m Reading, Listening To, and Using

What has my attention this week? Reading: Brave New World Revisited by Aldous Huxley I picked up Huxley’s classic dystopian utopia Brave New World as part of my ongoing pursuit of the classics (I’m actually into the “L” authors, but Brave New World was at a library I don’t often visit, so I’m behind in grabbing it). His analytical […]