An Exclusive Interview With Storming Pilot Hitch Hitchcock

It’s not every day I get to revisit my characters after finishing their stories. We all go our own ways, me back to my typing and them back to their glamorous, adventurous lives. But lucky for me, Hitch Hitchcock, protagonist of my recently released aviation-adventure novel Storming is different. We share the same hometown in western Nebraska, […]

Storming’s Launch Day! Win Prizes!

Time to get this party started! Today is the Launch Day for my fourth novel Storming, a historical/dieselpunk mashup that is dear to my heart for a lot of reasons: 1. I had probably more fun writing it than I have any of my other books. 2. Which makes sense, since I think you’ll find it the most objectively “fun” story […]

Join Me for a Flying Tour of the Real-Life Settings in Storming

Ready to step back in time with me to 1920s western Nebraska? Usually, when I write a book, my settings are contained wholly in my imagination–and maybe Google images. But with my dielselpunk/historical novel Storming (which releases this Friday–woohoo!), I got to experience the special treat of setting a story in a place with which I am […]

What Inspired Storming? 14 Things

You’d think as long as I’ve been at this writing thing, the twisty-turny process of inspiration would be old hat by now. But nope. I’m everlastingly fascinated by all the varied pieces that serendipitously combine to finally create a book. I’m often asked, “Where do you come up with your ideas?” Honestly, it’s awesome question. […]

Meet Storming’s Cast of Characters!

What writer doesn’t want to see her story up on the big screen? “Casting” characters has long been a guilty pleasure for authors. After all, only the hunkiest, most Oscar-winniest actors could possibly play our beloved characters! But pleasurable though it may be, casting actually isn’t so guilty after all. I get tons of benefits from […]