Win a Kindle Fire, a 17th-Century Italian Rapier, or a Deluxe Fantasy Gift Box

The big
day is here! Welcome to the official launch of

You can
purchase the book in paperback for $15.69 or the  Kindle and Nook formats for $.99 (a special price for this week only).

I need
your help to ensure the book has a successful launch week, so please join the
party! I’m celebrating all this week with daily giveaways, culminating in
our Grand Prize giveaway!


At the
beginning of last month, I asked readers to vote on which of the following
three prizes they would like me to offer. The response was great, and I’ve
decided to go ahead and give the winner his choice of prizes.

Prize A: A 17th-century
Italian rapier (much like the one Chris uses in the book). Value: $285

Prize B: A Kindle Fire. Value: $199

Prize C: Deluxe
Fantasy Gift Box. Value: $163

  • Black Velvet Renaissance Cloak
  • Calligraphy Pen Set (includes quill
    pen with calligraphy nib, 5 extra calligraphy nibs, and ink pot with 15 ml
    black ink)
  • Handmade Dragon
  • Anatomy of the Castle Coffee Table Book by John Gibson
  • Sword Pendant
    Necklace (the sword actually comes out of the sheath!)
  • Delusional Unicorn
  • Truffettes
    de France All Natural French Truffles Dusted with Cocoa Powder (2.2 lbs)

Prize Today Only:
Behold the Dawn E-Book (Mobi, Epub, or
PDF). Value: $3.99.

From 6 AM
to 11 PM, I’ll be drawing a winner every hour for the digital version of
my medieval epic Behold the Dawn.
Winning this prize does not exclude you from the Grand Prize drawing on Friday,
but the sooner you enter this one, the better your chances of winning! Check
back throughout the day to discover hourly winners, listed below:

6 AM: Grigory Ryzakov

7 AM: Joanna Coleman

8 AM: Dominic Brasted

9 AM: Kris Cramer

10 AM: Patricia Moussatche

11 AM: Caryn M. Block

12 PM: Richard Weatherly

1 PM: Candy Newby

2 PM: Stephanie Coleman

3 PM: Steve Tuffill

4 PM: Andy Poole

5 PM: Rebecca Russell

6 PM: Chris Olinger

7 PM: Danny Tew

8 PM: Shary Hover

9 PM: Tasha Turner

10 PM: Lin Barrett

11 PM: Rodney J. Rodriguez


contest will run all week, and you can do several things to earn contest
points and increase your chances of winning
. For every contest point
earned, your name will be entered once more into the pool (e.g., if you’ve
earned 18 points, you have 18 chances of winning).

You can
win points by:

1. Buying
a book early in the week.
 I’m trying to create a surge of sales to boost the book in Amazon’s
ratings, so I’d like to encourage people to purchase as soon as possible. Plus, for this week only, the Kindle and Nook versions are priced at just $.99. Email me copy of your sales receipt from Amazon or Barnes & Noble to km.weiland [at] ymail [dot] com.

Buy a book on Sunday = 10 points

Buy a book on Monday = 9 points

Buy a book on Tuesday = 8 points

Buy a book on Wednesday = 7 points

Buy a book on Thursday = 6 points

2. Be Santas helper and buy
more than one book!
You get ten extra points for each additional book you buy.

Buy additional books = 10 extra points per book

3. Tweet the following message each
day of the week.
posts per day will be counted as one post.

Tweet about the book = 1 point per day, possible 5
over the course of the week.

4. Share
this post on
Facebook. Be sure to tag me (@K.M.
), so I can find and count your posts. You’ll need to “like” my page
in order to tag me. Duplicate posts per day will be counted as one post.

Share on
Facebook = 1 point per day, possible 5 points over the course of
the week.

5. Post a
picture of the book after purchase.
See “Photo Contest” below for more details, as well as info on the
bonus contest for $40 in gift certificates.

Post a picture = 5 points 

will be announced Friday, December 7th.

Photo Contest

fun thing I’m doing with this launch is a photo contest. After you’ve purchased
your copy of Dreamlander (paperback
or digital), snap a creative photo of the book (or your e-reader with the
book’s cover displayed on the screen) and post it to either Pinterest or
Facebook. Be sure to tag me @K.M.
, so I can find and acknowledge your entry.

At the
end of the month (plenty of time for those of you who prefer hard copies to
order and receive the book), I will be selecting the most creative photo and awarding the winner a $40 gift card bundle, featuring certificates from
Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, and What the Dickens?.

Good luck
to everyone in the drawing, have fun, and thank you for helping me celebrate
the launch of Dreamlander!

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  1. I just figured out why I didn’t receive your newletter; I signed up for Philterit (not recommended btw) and it botched up my subsc. notices. And I’m out already because it’s 2am on Friday and I haven’t bought a book.

  2. Is it terrible that my 12 year old is enjoying the book too?! :] She and her siblings took a pic with our Kindle touch and had a hoot with the pictures. They weren’t the best quality but they thought it was fun so they wanted me to send/show you both pics!! Either one can be used for the contest but they INSISTED that I share both of them! LOL

  3. @Lee: So sorry you weren’t able to enter the contest before the deadline. Thank you for posting on your site!

    @Stephanie: That’s awesome! I’ll look forward to seeing the pix.

  4. got my copy just yesterday! if college didn’t keep me busy, i wouldn’t put it down! i’m not particularly into reading books of the fantasy genre – but i was pleasantly surprised by Dreamlander, and i’m very happy to say i’m going to read it through to the end… i’m simply loving it so far! 🙂

    i love how it eases us into its world and its concepts (the dreams, the Gifted, etc.), just the right way. the descriptions aren’t too long and drawn-out. the explanations are crisp and don’t attempt to shove an encyclopaedia’s worth at us. when that happens in a story, i zap out into the real world because i’m being fed information, not being told a story.

    i learn so much about craft (of writing) from your blog, but i learn even better by seeing everything you teach us being put into practice in your novels!

    thank you for writing & giving the world your Dreamlander 🙂

  5. Thank you so much! I think you just became my Favorite Person of the Week. 😉 I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book. *insert happy dance here*

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