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Hey! Remember me? I think maybe we should reintroduce ourselves.

Hi Again

I already know who you are. You’re the totally awesome person who subscribed to my mailing list to receive updates and other goodies about my historical and speculative novels–including Behold the Dawn and Dreamlander.

I, on the other hand, am the one who has been sadly neglecting you all this time. But I figure it’s never too late to remedy that! In the future, you can expect to hear from me on a weekly basis. I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes info about my previous books as well as what I’m working on now. There will be peeks into what books, movies, music, gadgets, and adorable animals currently have my attention. And who knows what else!

I’m totally looking forward to it. (Why did we never do this before?) To get things off to the right start, let’s begin with your favorite—and mine: a giveaway!

This week only, I’ll be giving away a fantabulous Reader Care Package.

Win a Reader Care Package!

It includes:

  • Paperback copies of all my novels: A Man Called Outlaw, Behold the Dawn, and Dreamlander
  • A snazzy “Slim Pen” bookmark to mark your place and record your notes
  • Delicious Old-Fashioned Hard Cinnamon Candies to munch while you read
  • A slate coaster for your coffee or tea
  • A “book” box to hold all your reading accessories
  • And a blanket to snuggle in

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to rack up your entries:

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But before I go: What would you like to see from me in future posts? Any questions about my books, myself, or my writing you’d like me to answer? Leave me a comment or drop me a line!

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  1. Emma Grabin says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to hear more about the books you enjoy reading and how they inspire your own writing. Love your books! 🙂

  2. Kaylee Alyssa says:

    Would enjoy winning your giveaway.

  3. Stephanie says:

    So I’ve sort of been lurking on your posts for a while now and I thought It was about time that I leave a comment. Your writing tips and advice are both an inspiration and an educational experience! I really admire how down-to-earth you are, and how well you relate to fellow writers and readers. Thank you for sharing so much of your writerly wisdom! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • K.M. Weiland says:

      This was a good time for that first comment! 😀 I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying Helping Writers Become Authors and finding it useful. That always make me happy!

  4. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

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